Date: Feb 19th, 2015
We could have hardly had better guests than Chief Liberty Officer of, Jeffrey Tucker, and Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver, investor in some of the most successful Bitcoin companies like, BitPay, and Kraken. We spoke about Jeffrey’s latest book “Bit By Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World”, businesses that Roger is involved in, their path to Bitcoin, and how it relates to the philosophy of liberty and the Austrian school of economics.

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Jeffrey Tucker
Author, Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World (get it free when you sign-up for!)
Twitter: @jeffreytucker
Facebook: Jeffrey A. Tucker’s page Beautiful Anarchy

Roger Ver
Angel Investor,, Luxstack, BitPay, Purse.IO
Twitter: @rogerver
Facebook: Roger Ver Roger Ver

Links discussed

  1. Leonard E. Read: I, Pencil
  2. Murray N. Rothbard: What Has Government Done to Our Money?
  3. Friedrich A. Hayek: Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined
  4. Carl Menger: On the Origins of Money
  5. ShapeShift
  6. Brave New Coin
  7. Coinbase
  8. Coin ATM Radar
  10. coinmap
  11. AirBitz
  12. Blockstream