Years ago, they shut down Napster and nearly bankrupted its co-founder. They did it based on rules which were completely arbitrary and on pretense of “intellectual property” protection (while at the same time used asset forfeiture to steal real property from those not close enough to be protected, let alone privileged).

Their celebrations didn’t last for too long, new generation of P2P file-sharing networks, much more resilient both technically and legally sprung almost immediately. Recording industry suffered, one of five largest record labels went belly-up, but those whom they pretended to protect most – artists – are actually making much more money than they used to thanks to wider audience or technologies making it much easier to search and pay for music without all the unnecessary intermediaries that had to be fed back then (and many of those artists don’t forget to trash that same free market and capitalism which has brought up those technologies whenever they get a chance). Oh and guess what, the guy whom they tried to ruin is a billionaire. Who’s had the last laugh?

Now they’re trying to ban Uber all over the place. Its founder is already – at least paper – a billionaire and it seems it will survive and thrive globally if not locally. Who knows if because it’s more difficult to tailor some arbitrary BS rules around its neck or because taxi industry is full of dumb-ass thugs who can’t organize themselves as effectively as white-collars from Madison Avenue and have only local influence.

Compare that to the fates of Liberty Dollar, Liberty Reserve or e-gold. While Uber is challenging aggressive, but relatively disorganized taxi industry and local governments and Napster was after profits of some fat cats close enough to capos in DC, disrupting monetary system is a completely different game. With debts reaching above year’s worth of production in most developed nations and the empire and well-being of the “strongest” nation on earth maintained only by the ink of the money printing press and the stupidity of the rest of the world buying all that paper, government of that nation certainly doesn’t like seeing its reserve currency being challenged on a world stage, let alone on its home turf. Thus founders of these centralized, gold- and silver-based monetary systems were vilified, charged and in case of first two imprisoned for committing victimless, manufactured crimes against the state. We can quite reasonably speculate, this was one of the reasons Satoshi Nakamoto has remained anonymous and built completely decentralized architecture for Bitcoin.

But what these guys keep forgetting to realize is, that as much as they try, they can stall the progress going against their vested interests, but there’s no way they can stop it. Even if they manage to bury Uber under mountains of regulations (which seems less and less likely as Uber in a typical new-billionaire-turned-crony-capitalist fashion has started to cooperate with local governments against its own competition), they would be just asking for an off-shore or decentralized equivalent of the same service.

I’m sure you’ve heard this: “Bitcoin is worthless, but blockchain is awesome”. That’s bullshit. And whoever said that is an idiot. Or banker. Or both. Here’s the thing: one cannot exist without another. Blockchain is a ledger, it needs scarce tokens to make sense. When those tokens get exchanged for their utility, they get appraised, which is the reason why one bitcoin has been worth 2.5 times more on average this year than in 2013. That utility might include escrow for booking a cab via decentralized network sitting on top of the blockchain. Such transaction could be completely anonymous. Now suppose Uber gets banned in any particular jurisdiction, so instead, it or some other startup will run a parallel anonymous service based on Bitcoin blockchain. I wish all the best to any city official trying to enforce the ban: “I don’t know what are you talking about Mr. assho… I mean, officer, I have this hobby of hopping to random cars and wait where do they take me. What do you mean I paid for this? Can you show me how please?”.

Once you can do that and the cabbie can use the same token to pay for meal and coffee during his lunch break and later perhaps his gas, what reason would anyone have to convert to steadily depreciating fiat? As more and more transactions move from fiat to crypto, insolvent governments lose their primary source of liquidity – inflation. And if they try to compensate with high taxes, what stops people from hiding their incomes in the anonymous network of gazillion bitcoin addresses? You think collapse of Tower Records or Lehman Brothers was a big deal? Wait for JP Morgan and US Government.

How many lives can be saved this way? How could GWB pay for his Iraq “who-gives-a-fuck-about-million-dead-civilians-anyway” adventure without inflating monetary base ten times? How could governments finance horrendously expensive healthcare programs which make healthcare as accessible as free rotten sandwich in a trash can, costing millions more lives which could have been saved on a free market? And how much more prosperous economies can get when bureaucrats lose the ability to finance their fat paychecks and benefits and will have to leave for productive oh-my-god-the-horrors! private sector?

Their house of cards is falling down. It hasn’t landed on their heads yet, but what is happening cannot be undone. We’re making ourselves free of their oppression, of their eavesdropping, theft, corruption and their hatred of everything new. They’re finished even they don’t know it yet. We will bleed them dry and watch them leave for street finally looking for something useful to do instead of buttfucking us at every given opportunity. It will not happen quickly and it will not happen in the whole world, but the life without state oppression (and its very existence) has never been more realistic and closer. Remain optimistic.

Happy crypto 2015 everyone.