For a short while, I blogged at domain Below are a few pieces about Bitcoin and free markets some might be interested in:

Bitcoin Intro

November 1, 2013

This is text of a talk on Bitcoin I gave in April 2013, it serves as an introduction to Bitcoin with focus on economics and societal implications.

Privatize Water?

November 12, 2013

Nine months old video of then Nestle CEO (now Chairman) saying water should be privatized has continued going viral to date. Since most people can’t last listening to German language more then ten seconds (and one can hardly blame them), it’s doubtful they bothered to watch the video, which started it and probably rely on interpretations such as these. Thus we won’t bother with commenting the video and ask a simple question – should water be privatized?

Prepare for first major Bitcoin bank run… and embrace it

November 14, 2013

Fractional reserves banking is almost certain in the future of Bitcoin, inevitably opening up possibility of future bank runs. We need to understand the implications of such future events and get ready for the outburst of comments pointing out to the failure of unregulated nature of the currency.

Bitcoin: Is Peter Schiff wrong this time?

November 28, 2013

As probably any Austrian (wanna-be) economist, I have a massive amount of respect for Peter Schiff. Pretty much anybody who tried to challenge him turned out to be completely clueless. With a risk of embarrassing myself, I will join that crowd by reacting to his recent statements regarding Bitcoin.

Minimum wage: Clueless Obama strikes again

February 4, 2014

Minimum wage debate is in full swing again after President Obama desperately trying to save his approval rating – with the exception of Nixon worse than any other postwar second-term president – urged congress to raise it’s federal level to $9 / hour. Daily show joined the bandwagon with their typical charade and even managed to embarrass otherwise indestructible Peter Schiff in the process.

Bitcoin should not and can not be regulated

March 3, 2014

Many authors including contributor tried to criticize free market approach to Bitcoin (un)regulation. Mr. Zulfikli based his criticism on two points – alleged money laundering and a “proof”, that unregulated markets cause crises such as that we experienced in 2008.